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heeeey! i didnt forget, it just took me a long, long time to come back here. my bad yo
"bit spanish test tomorrow (eep)"
big right? thats what i thought

holding back .10:06 PM


im baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaack!!!!!!!!

B .12:47 AM


im... scared of this new blog layout thing.

B .7:20 PM


2 more months and i'll be back at school with my own computer that is fast and nice and everything!!!!
but. i hate starting new classes. HATE it.

B .11:36 PM


ok, no more posting for me until i can get back on my own computer.
and it's not like YOU post anyway!! lol
see you soon!

B .10:46 PM


You are POWER OF GOODBYE..... You're sappy and
sentimental, but very observant of human
behavior. You're logical, but your heart takes
over your head sometimes. Take some advice, go
have a holiday and cheer up!

What Madonna Song are You?

B .11:01 PM


if we took a holiday
(oh yea oh yea)
took some time to celebrate
(c'mon lets celebrate)
just one day out of life
(just one day out of life)
it would be
it would be so nice

B .12:22 PM


you're almost done! hoo-ray!
my aunt cut some lilacs from the back yard. they smell so good!
working tomorrow. and friday. only for 4 hours on friday though. i dont want to, but if i didnt then i'd feel guilty because i could have. ya know?
sooooooo. anyway.
i guess i'll just talk to you later

B .5:32 PM


"There's nothing like having 4 drunk girls sing "Breakfast at Tiffany's" to you. Good times girls"
that in effect - sums up the evening. that and the fact that my pants are, to say the least, dirty

holding back .7:44 PM


head hurts just a little bit. oh well.
thinking i'll go take a 'celebration nap' maybe not though. I really need to get a start on my studying.
do you know what you got on all your finals yet? your end grades?
oi mo - dont worry about things! with the exception of your goofy mom and that weird aunt who put those thoughts in your gmas head, you've got a wonderful family who love you soooo much! :) and you know you're welcome at mi casa all the time.
(did i say that right? see now, cause i'm in french, not spanish. french would be... ma masion and i dont think i even spelled that right)
dont know where the roomie is, shes been gone since yesterday. I'm just waiting for her to come home with her cuz and talk to me for forever. bitch for rizzle.

holding back .4:39 PM


its my last nite here... until fall. boooooo =(
im sad. but i AM happy because i can see you!
but im not. because i like it here. i'll miss my aaron. and my room. and my stuff being in my room. and the fact that i dont really have anywhere to go home to kills me. i hate it so much. it's almost the worst feeling ever. not having a place to belong, to truly call home.
i hate this.

B .3:06 AM


hello dear E
you're gorgeous and beautiful and THE coolest person i've ever met. you're so much fun to be around and i love you.
and i hope your finals go well next week. as im sure they will. =)

B .9:34 PM


sorry sorry sorry!
i had to let victoria use computer for a bit, and i wasnt even here, i went down the hall to work on my french and watch a moo vee.
golly. I took all my pictures down, and my big tapestry thingy down. my room looks so barren, and part of me wants to put the pictures back up just because i know i've still got 2 weeks left. I just feel like i need to pack up a much as possible now, so i dont have to take as much home with me when i leave here, since i'm moving myself home. but at the same time! I dont really have that much left and so...
i've completely lost track of what i was saying. oh well.
I think i'm going to take a nap for a bit. DAMN its cold in here, but i dont want to close the window. extra layers! :)

holding back .2:14 PM


e i miss you.... :(
i hope your powerpoint thing is coming along well. i have cramps like mad crazy. ow.
i guess...i'll.. just talk to you tomorrow

B .12:11 AM


if i were any cooler...
yea right. it dont get no coolah than THIS!!

B .3:38 AM


Lizardrose123: I have a tom petty song stuck in my head. and all i can remember is "lets roll another joint."
GrNDAYguY0: you dont know how it feeeeeeels to be meeeeeee
Lizardrose123: yeah!
Lizardrose123: no you dont know how it feels
GrNDAYguY0: nope

holding back .2:52 AM


oh for fuck sake

B .2:39 PM


so im talkin to e and i got a little buzzwortyh tonite. im so ashemed. its horrid. and im tired. i think i have to piss.
take a shower you say? FUCK NO.. i'd borbaly drownd. i stnke. i hope my rhoat eeosnt hur inth morning. and im tired. and ive been psiising all nite. so ithiknk i shitnk. im not backspaicng. just ytrping away. so it hink i should go to bed. im sorry ur nose is stuffy. its horrible. and im sorry youre sick.and i..... im just soryr. andim sory for mytself. its horrible. im emabrewsssed./ ok bey

B .3:01 AM


eyeslikesunday: oh my gosh dude

Auto response from Lizardrose123: like the loser that i am..
chillin in my room

eyeslikesunday: brb
eyeslikesunday: hafta peeeeeeeeeee
eyeslikesunday: lk
eyeslikesunday: ok
eyeslikesunday: are u there due
eyeslikesunday: de
eyeslikesunday: dude
eyeslikesunday: e?
eyeslikesunday: i need to talk to u
eyeslikesunday: ELIZABTERH!!
eyeslikesunday: e are u there
Lizardrose123: hi
eyeslikesunday: ohmyogsh dude
eyeslikesunday: im so ashameeed
Lizardrose123: what what
eyeslikesunday: ashamed
Lizardrose123: why
eyeslikesunday: of myself
eyeslikesunday: i got drunk
Lizardrose123: LOL no way
eyeslikesunday: and i m half drunk now
eyeslikesunday: isese
Lizardrose123: oh! call me!
eyeslikesunday: i swear
Lizardrose123: i'll call you
eyeslikesunday: ok
Lizardrose123: gimme your number again
eyeslikesunday: me call u
eyeslikesunday: i have free weekends
eyeslikesunday: startying at midnite
Lizardrose123: okay dude

holding back .3:00 AM


ok im back.
it SO doesnt feel like 9:30. i hate this time change stuff. i got a 62 on my math test. not.so.hot. but i didnt think i did well. so. oh well i guess. my geo test is now raised to a 77!!! woot!! figen is THE BEST!
stupid cher face is on now. boo.
i shaved my legs!!! the hair was as long as my pinky nail. the long way. not across. it was DISGUSTING.
so im going to see annabel lee this weekend, as u know. and next weekend (easter weekend) on sat josiah is playing, and thats their 'cd release party'. im probably going to go to that too. i think aarons going too. and FRIDAY JUNE 27TH is brandtson, the canterbury effect and CAPE RENEWAL!!!!!! im SO going to that one! brandtson is ok, i've seen canterbury but dont remember them, and i *heart* cape renewal! you have to go!! you MUST! i'll drag you if i have to!!
eating chips and salsa. havent had them in... oh... 2 weeks. or.. something.
ok dude. im eating and i need to print something out. and... locate some stamps or something. so.. i'll talk to you when youre back from astronomy. :)

B .9:52 PM


hello! how ARE you?! havent talked to you since last nite! im going to take a shower now (because tomorrow's wednesday and sara will be in there when i'd be wanting a shower) and i'll post more when i get back!

B .8:45 PM